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  Wellness Services

These are prompt pay discounted rates that are only applicable if paid at the time of service.

Office Visit
Acupuncture - first office visit $120
Acupuncture - return visit $90
Massage - 30 min $45
Massage - 55 min $90
Massage - 85 min $120
Pre/Post Natal Massage - 55 min $90
Cupping $45
House Calls
Please contact Amber if you cannot make it up a flight of stairs to her office or are otherwise housebound and require in home care.


Once a month treatments at a discounted rate.
3 month minimum. Office visits only.

 Acupuncture - $74/mo (save $16)

 Massage - 55 min - $74/mo (save $16)


Packages can be all massage, all acupuncture, or a combination. Packages can be purchased in office. Office visits only.

 Three Sessions - $244 (save $26)

 Five Sessions - $400 (save $50)

 Ten Sessions - $800 (save $100)

  Medical Services

These are services that are paid by medical or car insurance companies.

Amber handles auto accidents/personal injury cases and workers compensation.


Please have a referral for massage from your primary doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, etc as most insurance companies require this for massage therapy.

Third party claims are currently NOT being accepted.

Please contact Amber if you would like us to verify what benefits your insurance company covers for acupuncture and massage. Please include your name, date of birth, identification number and group number for verification. If this is an auto accident or workers compensation claim please have your claim number and referral. While most insurances do not cover massage in Delaware, Amber can verify your benefits and bill your insurance if applicable. She can also provide you with a superbill or charge your Flexible Spending Account credit card.

Medical massage therapy is billed under the code 97124 or 97140 in units of 15 minutes each. These units are $31.25 per 15 minutes of treatment or $125 for 60 minutes. Medical acupuncture uses several codes for the various services, therefore the billing rate may change per appointment. Reimbursement rates and copays/co-insurances vary per insurance company due to the variable allowances.

Acupuncture License Number: CQ-0000049
Massage License Number: MT-0004161