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"My experience with Amber has been life changing.  I suffer from chronic pain and anxiety and she has significantly reduced the symptoms of both conditions.  I see her for both acupuncture and massage and every session is tailored to what’s going on with my body that day.  Amber has a whole toolbox of techniques she can use to get my body functioning properly again.  She is kind and compassionate and truly cares about her clients and their health.  Every session exceeds my expectations and I would recommend her to anyone!"     

- K.T.
"I always looked forward to my appointments with Amber for acupuncture. She treated me for years and gave me much relief for chronic and acute pain. I always knew she would listen to my concerns and treat me well and it was interesting all the knowledge and ideas she had. I learned so much about myself from her! I am enormously grateful for all she did for me. Thank you Amber!"      

- C.M.
"When my wife came home after seeing Amber for the first time about three years back, she was absolutely adamant that I make an appointment right away. My wife appeared as though she had seen a vision. Clearly Amber had had an impact on her. She described how Amber had released things in her muscles and tendons and surprised her with more than a massage.

I had seen massage therapists for a few years and was always ok with them, but never really felt that they got to what I really needed done and I was unsure how to guide them or advocate for myself to get there.

This all changed once I starting seeing Amber. Suffice to say that Amber dove in on our first appointment – intuitively reaching things that she felt were there and assessing me with the hands and heart of a skilled practitioner.

The relationship between a massage therapist and her client is just as important as any physician or therapist, and it was a very short time before any awkwardness about letting someone into do the work had dissolved and I was including regular appointments as part of my healthier life. Amber is a very approachable and professional person who pays attention to you and your body. The atmosphere she cultivates is very accessible and comfortable for the client.

Three years later, I need to see Amber regularly – not because of pain or illness, but for regular “get in touch with my own body” sessions. She finds issues in me and aligns me so that I leave feeling better prepared for my interaction with the physical world.

Amber certainly can provide a top quality massage, but her true skill is as a healer. She has never given me the same massage twice and over time she has identified and addressed my individual body and its twists and turns. She has taken the time to get to know and converse with me and work with me as an individual. I could not ask for more from a healer. I feel as though it would be difficult to get what I receive from Amber elsewhere. Not every massage therapist continues to make the effort to connect like Amber.

Amber is a professional. Even while reaching deep into my muscles, she maintains a friendly demeanor and takes care of business. Her office is run well and she manages insurance with out a bit of headache. She has offered and executed various treatments such as acupuncture and cupping as part of her addressing what is presented at the time. Amber is exceptional in her work and engaging as a knowledgeable healer."      

- J.H.



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